Jet2 passengers are shocked when they realise their plane is being shadowed by a French fighter jet as they fly from Spain to Britain

Passengers on board a holiday jet flying from Spain to Birmingham have told how it was shadowed by a French fighter plane for up to 15 minutes. Passenger Sarah Hatfield, who spotted the unusual sight while travelling back to […]

My Father and I felt Never, ever, fly Frontier Airlines : Dad and daughter kicked off flight after attendant eavesdrops on their chat

Footage has emerged showing the moment a father and daughter are kicked off a plane after someone overheard them talking about their ‘awful travel experience’. Whitney Miller was on board a Frontier Airlines flight from […]

Definitely fake: Viral video claims pilot sent photos via AirDrop to Singapore Airlines jet at 35,000ft

UPDATE 15:27 BST: Singapore Airlines told IBTimes UK that the AirDrop stunt definitely didn’t happen. “Our pilot was only replying in jest to the radio message from the captain of the other flight. Photos were exchanged by email […]