Delta Flight Attendant Competes in Miss USA Competition

Move over Deltalina, if you think Delta has the sexiest flight attendants, then you’ll want to meet Bayleigh Dayton who is Miss Missouri in the Miss USA Pageant, which aired last night.

When she’s not competing to be Miss USA (and potentially Miss Universe), this 23 year old is an Atlanta based Delta Air Lines flight attendant.

Delta Flight Attendant Competes in Miss USA Competition

From her Instagram, you’ll find all her model pictures (including the swimsuit ones), as well as some from her flying for Delta.

From Miss USA:

Born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri, Bayleigh Dayton is the youngest of three independent and opinionated daughters. Dayton graduated from Baylor University where she earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and is planning to pursue her MBA this fall. Dayton spends most of time with her head in the clouds, literally, as she works as a flight attendant. Dayton enjoys traveling, yoga, modeling, acting and spending time with her family and friends. During her free time, she advocates for women who have been sexually assaulted or abused. She wants to use her personal experience to show girls that no matter the circumstances, their futures are full of possibilities. Bayleigh Dayton is honored to be the very first African American Miss Missouri USA and hopes to make her state proud by being the second title holder from Missouri to become Miss USA.

Miss USA flight attendant

Has anyone had the privilege of having Bayleigh on one of their Delta flights? Feel free to comment below.

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