Flight attendant falls nine feet out of a cabin door onto the tarmac after ‘losing her balance’ while preparing for the take-off

n air hostess accidentally fell off from a cabin door and hit on the tarmac yesterday at an airport in southern China.

The crew member from China Eastern Airlines allegedly suffered scratches and bone fractures after plunging from 2.7 metres high (8.9 feet).

The domestic flight was delayed for two hours, arriving at the Kunming Changshui International Airport at 4:28pm on October 23.

A video posted by Beijing Youth Daily captures the moment rescuers rushing to save the injured flight attendant, who can be seen lying on the tarmac at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport yesterday.

The left rear cabin door was left open, as the video showed.

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport issued a statement on Weibo, confirming the accident.

The statement said the flight involved was the flight MU 5762 from China Eastern Airlines, which was scheduled to fly from Shenzhen to Kunming.

‘A flight attendant accidentally fell on the tarmac from the left rear cabin door when the plane was ready to take-off,’ read the statement.

The flight attendant lied on the tarmac in Shenzhen Airport after falling from the cabin door

Paramedics and rescuers carried a stretcher to the tarmac before lifting the air hostess up

It continued: ‘She was found suffering bone fractures and was taken to hospital immediately. The flight rescheduled to fly at 2:33pm.’

However, the statement did not mention why the cabin door was left open and how the air hostess fell off from the plane.

Spokesperson from China Eastern Airlines replied to Beijing Youth Daily that the flight was delayed for two hours.

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They are also looking into matters for the cause of the incident.

The air hostess had to stay in hospital for observation after suffering from bone fractures

The flight attendant fell off from the rear cabin door on the left of a China Eastern Airlines flight in Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (file photo)

Professionals working in the field suggested that the flight attendant could possibly ‘lost her balance’ while closing the cabin door.

Cabin crews are required to do crosscheck to make sure all cabin doors are sealed before take-off.

It’s also important to hold on the door handle when it is opened.