Scary passenger footage shows Air New Zealand plane landing during cyclone

IF YOU are a nervous flyer, look away.

A passenger has captured the scary moment his plane landed in New Zealand during a cyclone.

New Zealand man Max Havaux was bound for Wellington from Auckland for the Easter long weekend when the Air New Zealand plane was caught in high winds from Cyclone Cook.

The footage shows the wing of the plane visibly shaking as Mr Havaux struggled to even keep his camera steady while filming the turbulence.

In fact the turbulence from the cyclone was so bad that the pilot had informed the passengers earlier that there was only a 50 per cent chance the plane would even be able to land in Wellington. Otherwise, the plane would be forced to fly back to Auckland.

They eventually arrived safely, and Mr Havaux had nothing but praise for the pilot, saying the situation was “controlled” and that “Air New Zealand have the best pilots”.

Tropical Cyclone Cook struck New Zealand overnight Thursday.

It caused widespread power outages and landslides, uprooted trees forcing road closures and disrupted air travel with the eastern coasts of the North and South Islands bearing the brunt of the extreme weather.

Wellington sits near the North Island’s southernmost point on the Cook Strait.

Many areas of the North Island were already sodden after the remnants of Australia’s Cyclone Debbie hit the week before.

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